Easy Smoked Pulled Pork

Take an 8 to 10 pound Boston Butt with good fat cap and brush with olive oil. Generously rub with BOB's #7 Wing and Rib Rub and refrigerate for several hours. Place in smoker, fat side up, at 225 degrees for 6 hours, I prefer hickory wood chips because it gives the pork a bold smoked taste, you should give the meat between 3 to 4 hours of smoke. Remove from smoker and place in crock pot for another 5 to 6 hours on a low setting, you will have a good amount of rendered fat and liquid and when you can easily remove the bone it's done! Your home will smell like a BBQ Restaurant!  Pull the pork while it's still in the crock using 2 forks and serve on a fresh roll or on a plate topped with BOB's #2 or #3 Sauce and coleslaw!  Serve with your favorite sides! While Competitive teams never use crock pots they achieve the same results by wrapping the meat at a certain stage of cooking in order to maintain moistness and flavor. 



BBQ Chicken Wings

Brush wings with olive oil then sprinkle with BOB's #7 Wing and Rib Rub. Place wings on grill, watch closely so they don't burn, turn over when they get good color and brush cooked side generously with BOB's #2 or #3 Sauce. Turn again when there is good color and brush with BOB's Sauce, turn one more time till desired color! Remove from grill and brush one more time with Sauce! Enjoy!



Smoked Baby Back Ribs

1. Peel the membrane off the back of each rack of ribs. The membrane, also known as the silver skin, is the thin membrane on the bone side of the rack of ribs. Use a sharp knife to peel up one corner then use a paper towel to grip and peel off. It is important to peel off this in order to allow the smoke to penetrate the meat from the bone side.

2. Rub with BOB's #7 Pork Rub over all sides of rack, be conservative. Wrap and place in refrigerator for at least an hour, overnight preferred.

3. Fill wood chip tray(s) with hickory wood chips that have been soaking in water for at least an hour (this will allow the chips to burn slower and give you more smoke). 

4. Start smoker and keep temperature at around 225 f .  

5. Once the wood chips start to smoke add your ribs (curved side down) and make sure if you are cooking more than one rack they aren’t touching each other. Smoke will only penetrate the meat for about an hour but I like to give my racks about 2 hours of smoke.

6. After 3 hours remove rack(s) and place on double layer of heavy duty foil (curved side up) and drizzle with honey, add a little water or other preferred liquid and wrap (making sure the foil is sealed tightly).

7. Place wrapped ribs back in smoker (curved side up) for 1 ½ hours then remove from smoker and unwrap ribs. Be careful at this point because there will be a lot of liquid and it will be very hot, I cut one end of foil and pour out liquid before removing ribs.

8. Place unwrapped ribs back on grill (curved side down) for about 30 minutes or till desired tenderness.

9. Remove from grill, slather with BOB’S SMOKIN’ SOUTHERN BBQ SAUCE, serve, and enjoy!

You are now the BBQ Master!